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My neighbor is building his fence on my side of the property line.  How do I stop him from doing this?
I think the seller of the house I purchased did not disclose its structural problems.  What can I do?

These are common questions from the clients of the Law Office of David Karr, Jr.  For most of the families we help, their home is their most valuable asset.  

When you feel that your property rights are being violated or if you need defense from a lawsuit over a property line dispute, you need the right experience behind you.  We have the knowledge and experience you need when such an issue arises.  The Law Office of David Karr Jr. is now accepting cases involving:

Boundary Disputes
Seller Disclosure Issues
Right-of-Way Problems
Property Easements violations
Quiet Title Actions
Possession of Real Estate Questions
Representation of licensed real estate agents
Division of property in will

In addition to understanding property law issues, David Karr, Jr. is a licensed real estate broker in the State of West Virginia.  He knows the duties that are required of sellers, real estate listing agents and brokers to the clients they serve. 

If you believe your rights are being violated, if you are a real estate agent and you are being sued, or if you are a real estate purchaser and have a question about a contract you signed, you may need sound legal advice.

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