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in Mason, Roane & Wood Counties, WV

Karr Law Office Serves Point Pleasant, Spencer, & Parkersburg, WV

The David R. Karr, Jr. law office serves residents who have cases in the county courts in Point Pleasant, Spencer, and Parkersburg, West Virginia. Many benefit from the sound advice and more than 30 years of experience of David Karr. He is an experienced attorney providing aggressive legal representation clients need in Mason, Roane, and Wood counties. With years of experience serving clients with court cases throughout West Virginia, residents in Point Pleasant, Spencer, and Parkersburg have knowledgeable help to understand the legal process. This means Karr Law Office can secure the best possible resolution for your case.

Karr Law Office - Legal Services Throughout the Region

Karr Law Office offers legal services to residents in Mason, Roane, and Wood counties, in West Virginia:

When you want effective representation for your legal matter, call on David Karr and his staff. We provide regional legal services to residents of Mason, Roane, and Wood counties.

Whistleblower & Elder Guardianship - Leon, Reedy, and North Hills, WV

Residents of Leon, Reedy, and North Hills who are looking for whistleblower protection or have questions about elder guardianship can turn to Karr Law Office. David Karr is currently accepting new cases, including:

David Karr and his staff serves the legal needs of our clients in Leon, Reedy, and North Hills, and other towns in Mason, Roane, and Wood counties in West Virginia.

Will Challenge, Property Dispute, and Fraud Attorney

For matters of will challenges, property disputes, or fraud in Mason, Roane, and Wood counties, David Karr is now accepting new cases. Karr Law Office specializes in whistleblower situations, including government and employer misconduct and fraud. Contact David R. Karr, Jr. to schedule a consultation. Our courteous staff will arrange a prompt, confidential review of your case. Time is always of the essence for legal matters, so call us today: (304) 345-3202.

Advice on Real Estate & Family Law in Linden, Mason, & Boaz, WV

David R. Karr, Jr. offers three decades of experience in real estate and family law to residents of Roane County, Mason County, and Wood County, and throughout the surrounding region in West Virginia. Clients trust David’s commitment, legal knowledge, and experience. David Karr and his staff truly care about the outcome of your case and offer support, combined with aggressive legal representation to protect your property and your family’s rights. We accept cases including family law disputes such as divorce and child custody, real estate and property division, elder abuse, and whistleblower protection.


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