Auditor Sales Title Searches
in Charleston, WV

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Attorney David R. Karr, Jr. offers auditor sales title searches in Charleston, WV. As a lawyer serving the greater Charleston area, David Karr helps residents who purchase properties at tax lien sales. This process helps uncover potential issues with the property’s title, such as liens, outstanding mortgages, unpaid taxes, or judgments.

Once retained, the Karr Law Office will perform a title search of the relevant county courthouse records. This search determines those who are entitled to be given a Notice of a Right to Redeem. We will gather all the pertinent information needed for the tax lien purchaser, as required by the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office.

What are the Elements of a Title Search in West Virginia?

Here are some of the elements involved in doing a title search in West Virginia, and why they are important:

Property Description: This information includes the legal description of the property, the street address, and the parcel number. It is used to verify the property in public records.

Chain of Title: A chain of title is a history of the property’s ownership. It includes every legal transaction involving the property, beginning with the original land grant from the government to a private owner.

Tax Search: This search reviews the history of property taxes on the property. It determines whether there are any outstanding property taxes or unpaid assessments.

Judgment Search: This search identifies any judgments levied against the property or previous owners that can affect the title.

A Lien Search is Important After an Auction Sale

Lien Search: Liens are claims against a property due to unpaid debts. The lien search identifies any existing liens on the property, such as mortgage liens, mechanic’s liens, or tax liens. A tax lien auction sale usually extinguishes junior liens, but it is important to confirm this information.

Easements and Restrictions: Easements may grant others the right to use parts of the property, while restrictions may limit the property’s use. These factors could affect the value and use of the property.

Bankruptcy Search: This search determines if the current owner or any previous owner has filed for bankruptcy, which could affect the status of the title.

Name Search: The name search verifies the names of previous owners to confirm if they are the actual legal owners of the property.

A Few Final Words About Foreclosures

Foreclosure Review: If the property is being sold as a result of foreclosure, the title company will review the foreclosure proceedings to make sure they were carried out correctly.

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Remember, the laws regarding tax liens and property sales vary from state to state. Because each title search is unique, not all will require the same level of review. Therefore, it is crucial to consult with a real estate attorney or title company who is familiar with West Virginia’s laws and regulations. Karr Law Office serves clients who need legal assistance with title searches, many of whom reside in these counties in the Charleston, West Virginia region:

In Charleston, WV and surrounding areas, contact attorney David R. Karr, Jr. for auditor sales title searches.