Elder Guardianship and Conservatorship
for the Elderly or Ill

David R. Karr, Jr., Offers Counsel for Guardianship of the Elderly

On matters of elder guardianship and conservatorship for the elderly or ill, consult with David R. Karr, Jr. There comes a time in the lives of many of us when we need help from others. There are laws in place to involve the court system to make sure that help is provided when our elderly need some of that help. David Karr and our compassionate staff have over 30 years of experience representing families in court for guardianship over elderly family members. Our compassionate staff is ready to work with you in difficult times like these. For more information and professional legal counsel, call (304) 345-3202.

Finding the Right Guardian for the Elderly

A family member, or another interested person, can be appointed by the court serve as a Conservator. This duty aids an elderly or otherwise impaired person who needs help with the handling of financial issues. An elderly or otherwise impaired person may need help with the routine decisions of daily living. The Court may appoint a family member (or another interested person) to serve as the Guardian for that person.

David Karr and associates at Karr Law Office will review your case promptly and thoroughly. We realize that you do not have time to waste and need the best attorney possible for the job. David Karr knows the current laws and can help you find the guardianship an elderly loved one needs.

Obtaining Guardianship of the Elderly

The reasons that cause you to believe that your loved one needs this kind of assistance are often very heart-wrenching. The steps you take to give this type of assistance do not need to be. Caring for older adults can often involve multiple family members who may worry about a senior’s personal care. You may need to obtain agency services to deal with nursing, health or residential care matters. David Karr can help you to obtain the authority you need from the Court without the need for fear or intimidation.

Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning in West Virginia

The cost of nursing home care can rapidly deplete a couple’s life savings. There are several legal methods available to protect portions of your savings and at the same time become eligible for Medicaid payment for that long-term care. It is best to examine these methods well in advance of the need arising for long-term care. However, many opportunities for asset protection may still exist even after admission to the nursing care facility. Please contact the Karr Law Office for an appointment today to discuss this matter.

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