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David R. Karr, Jr.

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As a real estate attorney in Charleston, WV, serving the region, David R. Karr, Jr. welcomes your property-related questions:
“My neighbor is building his fence on my side of the property line. How do I stop him?”
“I inherited property from my grandmoth”r, but there are people living there who won’t leave. How do we solve this problem?”

These questions are some of the most common concerns of our clients. At the Karr Law Office, David Karr and staff work to help families protect their most valuable asset: their home. As a seasoned real estate professional, David Karr has the experience to represent your interests. We invite you to seek his counsel on all aspects of property law in Charleston, WV and the surrounding area. Contact us at (304) 345-3202 for answers to your real estate questions.

Right of Way, Property Easements and Division and Ownership Questions

Do you feel that your property rights are being violated? Are you dealing with a lawsuit related to a property line boundary dispute? If so, time is not on your side. For prompt defense for your real estate issues, trust our knowledge and experience to secure the best possible outcome for your case. The Law Office of David R. Karr, Jr. is now providing legal counsel for, and accepting cases, including:
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Wills and Property Division
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Possession of Real Estate Questions
  • Seller Disclosure Concerns
  • Property Easement Violations
  • Legal Representation for Licensed Real Estate Agents

Legal Assistance for Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Buyers, and Sellers

David Karr, Jr. understands property law issues. In addition to serving the legal needs of the community, he is also a former licensed real estate broker in West Virginia. He is the Charleston, WV region’s top choice for successful resolution of real estate issues that require legal assistance. He has extensive knowledge regarding the duties of property sellers, as well as real estate listing agents and brokers. If you have reason to believe that your property rights are being violated, let us help. Karr Law Office provides the answers you need for your real estate-related questions, including contracts you have signed or are being asked to sign. Contact David Karr to speak with our real estate attorney in Charleston, WV.