Child Guardianship and Grandparents’ Rights
Attorney in Charleston, WV

David R. Karr, Jr. Represents Children and Grandparents in West Virginia

When you need a child guardianship and grandparents’ rights attorney in Charleston, WV, contact David R. Karr, Jr. Children are being placed in danger more and more these days by substance abuse and other parental problems. Troubled young parents often ignore the rights of grandparents. Many times, family members must step in to help protect the children. The caring and compassionate staff of Karr Law Office dedicate themselves to the highest practice of law. Together, we care for children in danger from parental or guardianship problems.

Representing Family Members Protecting Children

David Karr routinely represents family members and others who are interested in using the Court System to protect the children who need that protection. The protection of children is one of the most important functions of our court system. With over 30 years of experience, you are in the best legal care. Our staff provides up-to-date legal counsel for the protection of children to place them in the best care possible. We are here to help you use that system to do what is best for those that you love.

Putting Children in Safe Care

The court is there for a reason. The court wants what is best for these children. You want what is best for your loved one. David Karr and his staff promptly review your case with thoroughness and dedication to place children in a safe environment. David Karr can help you get the court involved quickly to take action to protect those family members that you care about. Please call us sooner rather than later.

Matters regarding child custody can carry high emotions. Parents, grandparents, and other guardians benefit from the three decades of experiences they receive from David R. Karr and his caring staff at the Karr Law Office. We help West Virginia residents through some of the most difficult custody matters. Call us today at (304) 345-3202 for our legal counsel on child guardianship and grandparents’ rights.